Let me be open from the outset.  Buffalo Grill is owned by a relative of mine.  However I never ask for or receive any commissions or discounts of them.  Additionally, it is never my first choice of place to visit.  This is usually dictated by my friends.  A majority of this review will be on advise of my dinner buddies.

I was in Bradford to deal with some personal matters. After a very busy day, I arranged with 3 friends to meet for dinner, they opted for Buffalo Grill (I know 2 of them like the food and portions), I wanted something else – but didn’t know what.  In the end only one (one of the two that like it) could make it.  He is a teacher (mentioning no names) and a big eater!

A cold Thursday in January 9.30 pm.

The restaurant:
Buffalo Grill is one of a number of steak houses in Bradford.  The restaurant is an independent restaurant, family owned based in a renovated mill along with a number of other businesses.  It is a mid to slightly high priced restaurant, but that maybe to do with the portion sizes.

The menu is a bit of a mixed bag, but generally tailored for what I call “the big meat market”.  BG serves a mixture of Starters, Burgers, Parmesans, Steaks and Desserts.

It is a restaurant, however they do take-a-ways and just eat orders as well.

Most of you will already know, I am not a big red meat eater.  So you will rarely see a detailed review of red meat on my reviews.  I will definitely taste them and capture others experiences of the meat.  At BG I tend to order the same types of menu items; chicken steaks, burgers, parmesans.

For those of you that do not know what a Parmesan (aka Parmo) is a product of South Yorkshire, and has taken the Yorkshire food circuit by storm.  It consists of a Chicken Breast fillet, coated in bread crumbs, topped with a sauce, cheese and some toppings – Highly recommended.

We ordered:
Beefy Nachos and Cheese
Why only one starter? You will find out soon.

Hot shot chicken parmesan with a side of Sweet potato fries and cheesy mash – Mine
A mixed sizzler with Pasta and Chips with Peppercorn sauce – no side. – The teacher

Standard cokes

The Service:
I arrived slightly ahead of my fellow diners and was greeted by a really friendly waiter.  He asked where I wanted to sit as the restaurant was a little quiet.  I opted for a table half way down the restaurant close to the kitchen to take refuge in the radiant heat – I get cold quick!

I was immediately seated with a set table.

I found I didn’t have an issue getting the attention of the staff at all.  Maybe because the restaurant was quiet, although I know in  the past I never seem to have had any issues either, they have more staff on.

I did witness something quite memorable.  There was a customer sat waiting for a take-a-way order.  The kitchen staff decided to make one of the other diners fresh ginger Indian tea.  The chef came out and offered the customer too.  This was a really friendly welcoming  gesture.

Rating: 8/10 (from The other guest)

The Environment:
The restaurant is quite modern and fresh.  I know it has been around for a few years so I expected it to be a little more tired.  I know they have changed their cutlery, ceramics and chairs  at least once in that time.

The atmosphere is warm, with subdued music / nasheeds (depending on who’s on and customers).

The lighting is just at the right levels, not too bright and not too dim.

The tables are clean and not sticky (always a good thing).  The cutlery is neatly laid out on the printed napkins.

The seats are a good size and quite comfortable with a lot of padding.

The big let-down for me is the walls, they are totally void of anything.  I find this quite sad as I like to absorb what is on the walls, especially if it tells the history.  According to my fellow diner (diners in past) I look into it too much.

I did visit the toilets.  They are quite clean, and I know in the men’s they have a bog jug.  Unfortunately it was absolutely freezing, so I visited the disabled which doubles up as a baby changing room.

Rating: 7/10 (if I based it just on décor I would give it a 6)

The Food:

We ordered only 1 starter which is normally unlike us.  Given we knew what the portion sizes of the starters and mains might be, we decided to only order the one.  We ordered the beefy nacho tacos.  I highly recommend these.  They meet most of the needs if all diners.  The portion size is quite large so good enough to share.  The other thing I recommend, that we didn’t order is the buffalo wings – They have plenty of sauce and a good flavour.

I ordered the Hot Shot Parmo.  I know from experience this is quite a large dish, it comes standard with 2 sides.  The sweet potato fries come in a basket but a decent enough size.  They are not oily and have good flavour.  The Cheesy mash isn’t actually on the menu, but I order it (the only advantage I take, although I am sure if anyone asked they would cater).  The texture is smooth with no lumps and have a nice buttery peppered taste.

The hot shot parmo is one of my favourites.  It is cheesy, with jalapenos and oozes flavour.  It is however a bit greasy, but that comes from the cheese.

The Mixed sizzler (the teachers) is a large portion and comes served on a sizzling plate.  I tried both the red meat and the chicken.  Both had good texture and where not too dry.  I did notice the pasta looked slightly over cooked.  The sauce was smooth and full of depth.  As the teacher says – “a wholesome dish”.  On this occasion he didn’t finish the dish.

If you do have left over food, do not be shy to ask for a doggy bag.  They prefer you  take it and eat it than bin it!

Rating: 8/10

As I said, I am related to the guys, however I will also be their greatest critic to ensure they do their best.  I know I rarely choose this place as in Bradford I am spoilt for choice, however my friends always love it and keep forcing me back.

I do find the staff good to have a banter with and from how they treated the takeaway customer, I was impressed.

The food, i genuinely feel is really good and generously portioned.  I know they do quite nice mocktails, although i remember them being overly sweet.  Additionally, one of the owners wives used to make nice home made desserts.  If they are still there, try one!

From discussing with the staff i know they plan on trying out some vegan items on the menu – I look forward to seeing what is on there.

Overall a nice experience, that I find quite consistent.

Definitely one to try!

Recommended for: Date night, friends, family – Not a quick bite.
Halal: HMC
Would i go again? My friends ensure I do not have a choice in the matter.
Bill: £40 (between 2)
Overall Rating: 8/10 – Ratings provided by the teacher.


Address & Contact


72 Thornton Rd, Bradford BD1 2DG


53.7932746, -1.7584429