I had the wife and daughter up from Hertfordshire so wanted to take them for something a bit different and close to home after their long journey.  No one was particularly hungry but everyone wanted to eat.  The weather was freezing and as usual in Manchester it was raining.

It was a Friday and we arrived at the restaurant at 7pm without a booking.  I was surprised we didn’t have to wait.  An hour later, and it would have been a very different story.  It was packed.  We were seated deep in the restaurant next to a water wall (i always love water features).

A new restaurant (January 2019) based one end of Wilmslow Road (aka Curry Mile, Shisha Mile) in Manchester.  The well dressed restaurant with a strong Persian theme sells classic Persian food.

I have eaten a lot of persian food over the years in various places namely London and Manchester.  This was one of the nicer done restaurants that i would say is good for nice evening dinner.

We ordered:
Ashe Reshteh (Persian Noodles and pulse soup) £4.99
Kashk-E-Badenjan (Sauteed aubergine with walnut) £4.99
Chips £1.99

Walnut special (for 2) (Mixed Grill with Persian rice) £17.99
Persian tea

The Service: We were greeted by a lovely waitress with a big smile.  Luckily when we arrived (around 7pm on a Friday) we didn’t have to wait.  All the staff where ready to help and came with a smile.  When the restaurant got busy we did have to wait a bit to get attention.  But it wasn’t bad.

Rating: 7/10

The Environment: The restaurant is done up very nicely with a skimmed wall and gold patterning on one wall, and Persian murals on the others.  The seats were comfortable and clean.  The table was tidy and not sticky (a big  thing for me) and dressed with rustic copper pots for cutlery and seasoning.  The restaurant is well lit (not romantic dim).

The seating is not cramped, and can accommodate larger groups quite easily.  There is a downstairs room which i presume they use as an overflow or a function room, although it wouldn’t feel as nice.

The Mrs noted the ladies toilets (on the ground floor) as being done up very well with nice tiles.  She noted it gave ideas for her next home renovation project (Here we go again!) She specifically said “Ladies need to visit).  The gents where equally clean, although underground.

Rating: 7/10

The Food: As we were not hungry we didn’t order much for starters.  The step daughter wanted something light so ordered the Ashe Reshteh soup.  She said it was okay, but not her thing.  Once past the combination of textures i quite liked it.  Suffice to say we did have it packed.  I wanted to try the Kashk-E-Badenjan as i know i like Baba ganoush.  This was quite a different flavour, heavier on the walnut, i wasn’t greatly fond of it.  We also ordered the chips, they were rustic but thin cut which was nice.  I added Samac to them for added flavour, this made them better.

For a main we ordered the Walnut special for 2.  This was a dish with Chicken cubes, Lamb chops, Lamb Cubes and 2 Kufte.  It also comes with persian rice and a tomato sauce.  Neither I or the Mrs liked the sauce, i added the home made chili sauce to it which added spice and flavour.  We both noted the rice didn’t have the flavour we would normally expect from persian food.  The meats where really succulent and tender (I like tender).  They where quite heavily dosed in butter but overall i liked them. I wasn’t particularly fond of the lamb, but then again i am not really a red meat fan.  The dressing salad was fresh and quite nice, it lifted the heavy meats.

Overall, some of the food was nice, some was average, however all was well presented.

Rating: 7/10

Summary: Overall, a pleasant experience, with good customer service.  I would recommend it if you like the meats or are on date night.  A ethnic restaurant says a lot when a lot of its patrons are from its ethnicity.  I highly recommend the Persian tea – it is a bit different and quite fragrant.

Recommended for: Date night, friends
Would i go again? Probably.
Bill: £45

Overall Rating: 7/10

Address & Contact


37 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 5LW


53.4525947, -2.2189013