Going out for a late lunch with the Mrs and 5 month old baby. We were hungry and just needed to get out during reduced COVID restrictions. I was hoping for a lazy Sunday brunch. I prefer a light lunch, we didn’t order any ‘Evening meal’ foods.

There where around 4 tables with customers.

Sunday,14:00, St Albans.

Located on Hatfield Road the restaurant is prominent and easy to find. It is located close to the Islamic Centre. There is a good number of tables and seating with 2 tables outside covered in an Awning.

Of all middle eastern cuisine, Lebanese has to be one of my favorites. Being Asian, I love my intense flavours and spices, but occasionally I do enjoy my fresher lighter flavours.

I have eaten in a number of Lebanese places, and especially love having a Brunch or Lunch at them.

We ordered:
Mixed hot starters £11.95
Chips £2.45

Haloumi and Falafel Sandwich £5.95
Lamb and Cheese Lebanese Pizza £4.50

Fresh Mixed Fruit – Orange, Banana and Mango with a hint of Ginger £3.95
Apple and something fresh juice. £3.95

The Service: 
When we arrived, baby in carrier, we were waiting for a while before being approached. I actually had to signal the chefs to get a table. I found this disappointing, especially as I was carrying the baby in the car seat still.

Once, attended, we were provided with a table that needed to be cleaned. I did notice there were a number of uncleared tables.

We were seated quite central to the restaurant, next to a very tall water feature.
The waitress didn’t provide any menus, then came to take the order, I had to tell her we didn’t have menu’s she quickly provided some.

The waitress was very friendly and attentive. I think this always seems to be the case with baby in tow.

Rating: 7/10

The Environment: 
All the tables and seating where matching made out of wood. Quite comfortable. The tables had a glass surface (which I like as it doesn’t hold dirt) with an underlying wooden geometric pattern. The walls were beautifully painted with a generic Arabic theme. Overall, it was done quite nice.

The tables were nicely spaced with lots of moving room.
I didn’t feel like I was in Lebanon, but It was a very pleasant atmosphere. They had a nice low volume of familiar Arabic music playing in the background.

The floors where clean (always a good thing) although there were some bits of food under our table.

I, personally didn’t visit the toilets, but the Mrs did, she didn’t think they were very clean.

Rating: 6/10

The Food: 
The starters and mains arrived together which I normally do not like.

The mixed starters are a random selection of items from the hot starters which the chefs choose, however I stipulated I wanted the Merguez (sausages, I have a particular fondness for them). It contained 3 sausages, 2 rolls of Lamb Sambousek, 1 rolls of another Sambousek (I think spinach and feta – or the mince was missing) and 2 Kibbeh Shamia.
The Sambousek was slightly on the oily side, but not bad. The Kibbeh where nice, with flavour and not overly gamey. The sausages I Loved. They were beautifully spiced full of flavour. I recommend them.

I ordered the sandwich, which came with a bit of salad. The sandwich has options of a wrap r home-made bread. I like it, although it was slightly dry. I added the side chilli sauce and garlic sauce. The falafel’s where nice, not oily and the halloumi wasn’t chewy. The baby even approved of the falafels.

The pizza was nicely flavoured and fragrant with enough cheese. The Mrs thought it was a bit tomato intense, but I didn’t pick that up.

The chips came garnished with a green herb, and were not oily. Pleasant.

My drink was the Orange, banana and Mango juice. I loved it, with a kick of ginger (optional).
The Mrs had an Apple based drink with I don’t know what in it. Both drinks where refreshing and cold with ice.

Rating: 7/10

Overall, even though the service was a little slow at the start, we both enjoyed the food and the calm experience, just what I was hoping for on a lazy Sunday. The waitress was pleasant, and even switched on the water feature for me.

Would I recommend it? Yes.

Recommended for: Date night, friends, Sunday brunch.
Halal: Other.
Would I go again? Most likely – for evening meal next time.
Bill: £35 (2.1 people)
Overall Rating: 6/10 – Would have got a 7 had it not been the slowness of service.

Address & Contact


149 Hatfield Rd, St Albans AL1 4LB


51.7527205, -0.3160816